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Parent Resources

Let's be honest, parenting looks different from family to family. Gathered below are list of resources to help you find what works best for your family. Feel free to take and use the information that you feel will help, and leave the information that you feel won't. Try out some of these resources before searching for a teen counselor.

Book glasses coffee

A Book Every Parent Should Have

How To Talk with Teens so Teens Will Listen, and Listen So Teens Will Talk was written by Adele Faber and Elaine Mazlish. Every parent should own this book. It reveals everyday conflict patterns teens and their parents find themselves sucked into, and tricks to get out. Simply put, it provides practical advice to help parents communicate more effectively with their teens.

Something to Listen To

Light the Fight is a podcast that you can find on Apple Podcasts. It is hosted by a marriage and family therapist along with a woman whose son died by suicide in 2015. There are over 200 episodes where they process her experience and what she has learned from it. The podcast also provides ideas on how to handle loss, how to support teens, and how to tackle teen issues. 

Self-Help Resources for your Marriage

Having an amazing relationship and feeling well supported by your partner helps you support your kiddos better. The first place you should check out is the Marriage Intimacy Institute. With over 200 resources including free handouts, videos, and books, you are going to find something that will help improve your marriage.

Whittaker Point Arkansas

Arkansas Statistics on Teen Substance Use

The 2019 Arkansas Epidemiological State Profile for Substance Use is an in-depth data-driven report on drug use among teens in the state of Arkansas. It provides general information about each county along with factors contributing to its use. It describes the consequences and damages that teenage drug use has on development, mental health, and the community. It's a big read but is helpful in providing extensive data regarding substance abuse.

Getting active

Stay Active with Your Teen

Staying active is more important than ever. The pandemic lifestyle has made everyday life more sedentary. Challenging yourself and your teen to quick heart raising activities can help you stay healthy and it can also build stronger emotional bonds between you and your teen.  

Building a Better Future

We firmly believe that the involvement of parents and caregivers with their teen is critical for the best outcomes later in life. We hope that these resources help you to be intentional with your conversations and interactions with your teen. For more resources to encourage and inform parents of teens, join our newsletter!

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