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The Mind Games Are Over: Tactics Narcissists Use to Control You

Narcissists are individuals who have an excessive sense of self-importance and a constant need for attention and admiration from others. They often manipulate and exploit those around them to gain power and control. Here are some of the tactics narcissists use to achieve their goals:

1. Gaslighting:

Narcissists often twist the truth to make you doubt your own reality. They may deny things they said or did, blame you for their behavior, or make you feel like you're crazy.

2. Love bombing:

In the beginning of a relationship, narcissists will shower you with attention, gifts, and compliments to make you feel special. This is a tactic to win your trust and loyalty. It's also a tactic to gain leverage and control over you.

3. Triangulation:

Narcissists will pit people against each other to create drama and confusion. They may talk bad about someone to you, and then tell that person something different to cause conflict.

4. Emotional blackmail:

Narcissists will use guilt, shame, or fear to control you. They may threaten to leave, harm themselves, or harm you to get what they want.

5. Smear campaigns:

Narcissists will spread rumors and lies about people to damage their reputation and isolate them from others. This is a way to gain power and control over their victims and to keep their own reputation in tact.

Know the tactics.

Set the boundaries in place to protect yourself from narcissistic abuse.

Remember, you deserve to be treated with respect and kindness.

If you are looking for more resources on how to interact with a narcissists, consider the book

Wishing you the best,

Jesse Koskovick



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