Jesse Koskovick

L.A.C. Mental Health Counselor

It was early in my training as a counselor when a young teenage boy walked into my office, escorted by his parent. It was his first time entering a counseling office. His parent was mortified by the traumatizing event that he just experienced. They were worried that this event might scar him for life. His whole world was flipped upside down. I offered what I could; a safe place to navigate his trauma and a chance to write a new narrative to the story that was unfolding. A story where he healed. A story where he found redemption. A story where he overcame the obstacles in his life and became the hero. 

Hi, my name is Jesse and I am a counselor in Northwest Arkansas. Trauma, anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, phobias, navigating parent's divorce, and grief are a few of the issues that I assist teens in navigating through counseling in Northwest Arkansas. I want to give your teenager a place to be heard, a place to heal, and a place to change their story. Partner with me and let's focus on changing the narrative to your teenager's life. 

Please leave a voicemail as lines may be busy. Get on the waitlist for after school appointment times.


Counseling for Depression and Anxiety in Bentonville

According to a community needs assessment completed by Mercy Health, "29% of NWA residents indicated mental health problems were one of the three biggest health problems within the community, and 26%, one of the three most important health problems for them, personally."


Please know, that if you or your teen is suffering, you are not alone. There were over 16,000 individuals who visited the Mercy's Northwest Arkansas Behavioral Health in 2017. That was Mercy ALONE! Counseling is a huge need for the many people who are struggling with their mental health in our Bentonville and Rogers community. If you would like a free resource, subscribe to our blog that provides tips, practices, and interventions to improve mental health.

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