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Wondering if it is actually possible
for your family to thrive?

I've Got Good News... It is!

Let me guess...
You came to Northwest Arkansas to give your family the best opportunity to thrive as possible. You spend nights and days working hard to give your kids opportunities and experiences that you never had. 

Yet, you seem to be juggling everything and spinning your wheels endlessly at trying to make this 

"perfect family"

thing work. 

Don't you wish this could be easier?
Dare I say... even fun?


Well friend, you have come to the right place, because that is where I come in. 
Image by César Couto

Meet Jesse.

Hi, I'm Jesse. I'm a counselor in Northwest Arkansas that comes alongside parents and teens who love their family, but just need a little help with the right words and the right strategies to have a positive experience as a teen.

I give parents strategies and tools to grow their relationship with their teen. I help parents get out of fixed mindsets about parenting and find a parenting strategy that works for their family. 

I give teens a place to feel heard, to explore their self image and create the coping skills to get them through hard times. I've helped hundreds of teens do this. 

Families and Teens connect with me well because, we all want the same thing, your tor teen to feel supported, and to be mentally healthy, and resilient.

Let's Schedule Your Session Today!

Session Fee

(At this time I only accept debit/credit, cash, HSA and FSA)


If you are looking to connect,

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