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12 Fun Things Worth Experiencing this Summer in Northwest Arkansas

Teens after counseling

Northwest Arkansas is the best place to live. There is always something new to experience or something fun to do. If you need just a few ideas for what to do this summer, here are 12 fun things worth experiencing in Northwest Arkansas this summer.


All the fun things are hyperlinked to their website for more information.

Feel free to explore and see what would be fun for your family!

1. The Amazeum

Scott Family Amazeum

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2. The Momentary

The Momentary

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3. Osage Park (Bring your pickle ball equipment!)

Osage Park

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4. 112 Drive in

112 Drive In Movie Theatre

Image from

5. Fast Lanes

Fast Lanes Rogers

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6. Pineapple Bliss

Pineapple Bliss

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7. DEFY Trampoline Park

DEFY Trampoline Park

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8. Climb Bentonville

Climb Bentonville

Image from

9. Skylight Cinema

Skylight Cinema Bentonville

Image from

10. Onyx Coffee

Onyx Coffee Lab Rogers

Image from

11. Arkadia Retrocade

Arkadia Retrocade

Image from

12. Ice Skating at the Jones Center

Ice Skating at the Jones Center

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Is your kid screaming at the ice skate rink?

Or arguing with you about the socks they wanted at the trampoline park?

If you kid has anger issues, you might want to check out our blog on how to respond to angry kids.

If you and your kid need more than a few tips to deal with anger,

Consider scheduling a counseling session with a counselor in Northwest Arkansas.

At no risk to you, schedule your FIRST COUNSELING SESSION FREE.

Those are only 12 fun things to do in Arkansas? Have more?

Let us know in the comment section below what your favorite things to do in NWA are!

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