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Celebrating Your Teen: Creating Unforgettable Outrageous Memories Your Teen Will Never Forget

Every parent wants their kids to have unforgettable memories. Don't let the typical teenage arguments and conflict be the last thing your teen remembers before they leave the nest. You might ask, "How do I make other memories stand out?" Don't settle for the traditional way to celebrate milestones. Think outside the box. Unconventional gifts. Hilarious pranks. Here's your guide for celebrating your teenager's milestones in the most outrageous and unforgettable way possible:

Milestone #1

Getting a driver's license/new car

Gift your teen a giant parking/speeding ticket. It's funny, but also a reminder to be careful out there on the roads.

Milestone #2

High school graduation

Instead of the usual watch or piece of jewelry (high school graduation ring), get your graduate something that they will appreciate and laugh about for years to come... A custom bobblehead doll that looks like them. You can get these in their graduation gown or in their sports gear, whichever fits their personality best. It's an amazing gag gift that every teen will certainly be proud of and cherish forever.

Milestone #3

First job

Show up to their workplace in a funny costume and bring in a cake for their co-workers to share. It's embarrassing for them, but everyone loves cake!


Milestone #4

Turning 18

Get your teenage something that says, "You're an adult now".

For young men you might consider a nice watch, a giant knife/machete, or leather wallet.

For young women you might consider a nice bag, beautiful jewelry, or something hand crafted from Etsy.

Each gift should have some meaning behind it, and represent your teen growing into the respectable young man or beautiful young woman that they are.

You might consider writing a note as well. Consider remembering their incredible journey blossoming into the young man or woman that they are today, reminding them of who they are, and that you are hopeful for what they will accomplish in the future.

Milestone #5

Moving out of the family home

Silly string attack at the new house- Go to their apartment and attack you kid with silly string and/or confetti. Of course- help them clean it up. They will never forget the surprise.

Remember, the key to making these celebrations unforgettable is to personalize them to your teenager's interests and sense of humor. By giving unconventional gifts and pulling hilarious pranks, you'll create memories that both you and your teenager will cherish for a lifetime.

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