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What Parents Want for their Teens in Counseling

Rachel is a parent of a teen who is struggling.

She is an example of what many parents want out of counseling.

  • Support and guidance: Rachel may want a counselor who can provide guidance and support as she navigates the challenges of parenting a teenager. This may include help with setting boundaries, communicating effectively, and finding ways to support her teenager's mental health and well-being.

  • Practical strategies and tools: Rachel may want a counselor who can provide practical strategies and tools that she can use to address specific issues or challenges with her teenager. For example, she may want help with managing conflicts, improving communication, or building resilience.

  • Empathy and understanding: Rachel may want a counselor who is able to understand and relate to her experiences and feelings as a parent of a teenager. She may want someone who can offer a non-judgmental, supportive space to explore her thoughts and emotions.

  • Confidentiality: Rachel may want a counselor who can provide a confidential and safe space for her to share personal information and discuss sensitive topics.

If you are like Rachel, and want these things out of counseling, consider Teen Focused Counseling.



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