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The #1 Foolproof Guide for Bentonville Parents

Bentonville is different.

And for many parents here, they just haven't figured it out yet.

I'm guessing that is why you are here.

Wondering, how do Bentonville parents raise the most awesome kids?


Here is the number one, foolproof guide for parenting in Bentonville.

P.S. You'll want to make it all the way to the end, #7.

Rule #1

Shred the Gnar.

In the mountain bike capitol of the world, every parent in Bentonville wakes up at the crack of dawn and says in unison ...

"If you ain't shreddin, you ain't livin."

Slaughter Pen, Coler, and more! The mountain bike trails are calling.

So grab your kid a bike from Mojo Cycling or Strider Bikes Bentonville and "git to shreddin that gnar" with your kid like a true Bentonville parent.

*Parenting Pro Tip*

Does your kid keep falling off their bike?

A little super glue on the pedals goes a long way.

For a whole lot more information on biking in Bentonville, check out Ozark Trails' Website.

Mountain Biking

Rule #2

It's Bougie baby!

Don't let the headquarters of Walmart fool you...

This place is Bougie.

Onyx Coffee Lab.

The Momentary.

Crystal Bridges.

The Hive.

It's all Bougie.

That means, the kids gotta be Bougie too.

Kid dressed fancy

It's Bougie baby.

If after checking out all of the Bougie locations you still feel like you need inspiration, check out @thecorporatemamas on instagram.

Rule #3

We Live at the Square on Friday's.

What happens at the Bentonville square you ask?

April through October.

Local food trucks, artisan crafts, a million fluffy four legged friends, and lots of fun is what First Friday is all about.

It is one of the biggest reasons people go to the square. And they come in droves.

Every Bentonville parent eventually finds their way to the square.

And you guessed it... It's typically on Friday.

Bentonville Square First Friday

Rule #4

Where's Your Doodle?

If you are going to be a parent in Bentonville, you are going to need a doodle.

Not a pencil and paper doodle...Smh.

The dog doodle.

Golden Doodle, Berna-doodle, Aussie-doodle.

You name the doodle, it's here. And it's a must have.

There's a reason every Bentonville parent has a dog.

Bentonville makes it so easy to have a dog with many dog friendly outdoor places such as Coler, and the Bark Park.

And if you were looking for a birthday biscuit for that best doggo ever,

Check out Three Dog Bakery!

3 dog bakery

Image used from @3DogBentonville on Facebook.

Rule #5

Always Be Caffeinated.

Bentonville parents are caffeinated 24/7.


Because the coffee is stinkin delicious.

Don't tell me you can walk past Onyx Coffee Lab on a hot summer day without stopping in and taking a sweet sweet sip of an ice cold Onyx Delight?

Sweet honey, cinnamon, and coffee...

Jesus is watchin.

And we ain't lyin.

That coffee is just too dang good too pass up.

And anywhere you go there is coffee.

7 Brews up on every other corner.

Airships off the Coler Trail and 5th Street.

Meteor near the Momentary.

You better believe that Bentonville parents stay caffeinated.

Airship Coffee

Image used from

Rule #6

Climb That Rock.

You see that rock over there. Climb it.

And that one there? Ooh yeah, climb that too.

Bentonville parents climb. Or at least, their kids do.

And nothing builds a kid's self-confidence more than completing the Ninja Warrior-like climbing course, jumping off the skyscrapers, or reaching the top of a climbing wall at Climb Bentonville.

*Parenting Pro Tip*

When little Timmy gets blisters on his hands from climbing too much,

Like a local Bentonville parent tell him to

"Rub some chalk on it."

Climb Bentonville

Image used from

Rule #7

You make the "Rules" for Parenting In Bentonville.

Parenting in Bentonville is great. If none of these rules fit with you, that is totally ok!

Everyone has a different approach to parenting. I am certain that you will create your own guide for parenting that works for your family here in Bentonville Arkansas.

I hope that you read this list all in good fun and maybe learned just a little bit about the perks of parenting in Bentonville and fun things to do with your kid.

There are a million different fun activities, churches, groups, and events to join to help you raise your kids in the best city there is...

Bentonville, Arkansas.

If you loved this article, please share it with your friends, let us know what your Bentonville "parenting rule" is and leave a picture of your "fur baby" in the comments!

Golden Doodle

Jesse is a Licensed Associate Counselor in Northwest Arkansas, and the owner of Teen Focused Counseling. When Jesse was growing up, he had people with deep character pour into his life, motivating him to be the change that he wanted to see in the world. Jesse wants to pass that on to others by providing encouragement, support, and smiles to the individuals he works with through counseling, volunteering, networking, and writing. Jesse believes every person has the ability to become the best versions of themselves given they take intentional action towards their goals, give it time, and allow themselves to experience grace along the way.

Looking for a Bentonville counselor? Consider scheduling a counseling session with Jesse.

The best part is... your first session is FREE.

So give it a try, risk free, and see if Jesse is the right counselor for you or your teen.


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